Stop a Fire in Its Tracks

Turn to us for fire suppression installations in Utica or New Hartford, NY

As a business owner, you want to protect your business at all costs. Disaster could strike in the form of a fire, and your property needs the equipment to handle it. Posh's Commercial Fire Prevention can help.

We provide fire suppression installations in Utica & New Hartford, NY. These systems work like a sprinkler system but would spray fire-dampening chemicals around the space. Even if you have a system in place already, it must be serviced every six months to ensure proper function.

Trust your commercial fire protection needs to a company that knows the field. Speak with us now to learn more about our fire suppression installations and servicing.

How a fire suppression system works

How a fire suppression system works

A fire suppression system is one of the best ways to mitigate the damages of a fire. When a fire breaks out, this system will automatically shut off the gas valves in the building to prevent the flow of fuel. Then, it will spread chemicals throughout the space to put out the fire.

Take care of your property by equipping it with proper commercial fire protection. Email us today to schedule a consultation.